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Adoption is a process that lasts a lifetime for both parents as well as for a child. Adoption in and of itself is a legal process that is subjected to the law of the state where the process of adoption is done.

Different states have different laws governing adoption and at times even Federal law may also apply in some cases.
When the child is conceived out-of-wedlock, the right of a putative or supposed father is also taken into consideration under the law.

Adoptions Texas

Access To Adoption Records

Inherent within the adoption records is information about the birth parent, birth certificate of the child, and birth parent’s health history. Information is divided into two parts identifying data and non-identifying data. Adopting parents are entitled to all non-identifying data only at the time of adoption of a child. Similarly, the adoptee is eligible upon reaching the age of 18. Identifiable information can be given to adoptees only after the age of 18, as well as birth parents, a father with proven paternity and blood-related sibling of adoptee but that too when the sibling is above 18.

Post-Adoption Contact Agreement

In the state of Texas, a termination order of parent-child relationship may include provision for the birth parents to receive information about the child; have to be by written communication sent to the child and limited visitation. This agreement is between the biological parent and the Texas Department of protective and regulatory services. However, this does not translate to any order of adoption unless the adoptive parents and birth parents both choose to execute a written contract with details for any post-adoption contact with the birth parents, extended birth family, or birth siblings.

Putative Fathers

A birth father is recognized if he meets one of the legal criteria, not the least of which is he is married to the biological mother or named as father on the birth certificate. An adjudicated father has been deemed to be the birth father by a court of law. Texas maintains a putative father registry for birth father who seeks notification of any adoption proceedings involving their birth children.

Adoption Expenses

The regulation of adoption expenses is addressed under Texas law in relation to the birth parent, payment for arranging for adoption of a child, and fees are charged by the adoption agency or service. These laws exist to protect all legal parties and at the same time criminally prosecute any parties who are not authorized to follow the same.

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The law is to ensure that children are not being bought or sold, and also the birth parents are not forced to give up their children.

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So whenever you proceed for adopting a child always take the help of the proficient lawyer from a family law attorney in Burleson TX so that during the whole process everything is done with clear understanding abided by the law. Also at the same time the lawyer because full understanding and knowledge about the state law do all according to it and there are fewer chances of any illegal activity.


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