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Are you facing any problem with your divorce arrangements? Connect with us at the law office of William D. Pruett, PLLC, we are Family law attorneys in Burleson TX and will help you with divorce arrangements.

During a divorce, several things have to be agreed upon such as division of assets and who will get the custody of children that you might have. All this is very complicated and is connected with emotions. There could be a possibility that you feel not right emotionally and mentally dealing with arrangements, we can help you tilt things in your favor.

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Child Custody

If you have children then arrangements need to be made on who gets the custody of children. Usually, the courts do decide in favor of the mother, but other factors also matter like income and ability to raise children. If you are capable enough financially and can do better upbringing of your children but you are not getting custody, you can hire us we will help you prove your points and get custody of your child.


There may be the case that you do not get the custody of the child for some reasons but still, you want to spend some quality time with your children. To do so you can hire the law office of William D. Pruett, PLLC to work out on a time-sharing agreement with your ex-partner. This will help you with some peace in mind that you can share some time with your children.

Child Support Payments

If you are having custody of the children then you should aspect regular support from your ex-partner. However, if you think that the payment is not large enough and you should be getting an increased amount of money then you can hire a lawyer. A good lawyer will make a strong case so that you are entitled to get more money for the betterment of the child.

Restraining Order

If you feel that you are getting harassed by your ex-partner and are suffering emotionally because of it? Then also you need a good family lawyer who can get a restraining order against your ex-partner. You should not have to put up with harassment which is why there are laws to resolve such issues and protect you from harassment.

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Going through the diverse can be an extremely painful and emotionally traumatic phase for both the partners.

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The fact of separation from a person who you thought was your soulmate can be mentally, physically, and emotionally stressful. And the problem gets more complicated further if you have children. Though you may have loved your spouse unconditionally during your marriage, things can get out of the end when you decide to go separate ways. So under such stressful conditions, you need a good family lawyer from the law office of William D. Pruett, PLLC who can help you in sorting out the entire process without increasing much of your worries. Think twice that you need a good lawyer to safeguard your rights and also for the upbringing of your children.


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