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Matters that are related to the dissolution of the marriage and all aspects of conservatorship and child support are aspects of Family law and it requires the expertise of lawyers like lawyers of the law office of William D. Pruett, PLLC who are family law attorneys in Burleson TX.

However, there are other areas also that come with family law where a proficient lawyer is required. Areas such as grandparent’s right in divorce, the relocation of children, alimony, premarital agreements, and the validity of post-marital agreement are some of these.

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Pre And Post-Marital Agreement

In prenuptial agreement both the parties intend to get married lay out the rights and duties of spouses in the contract of marriage. To be enforceable by law they have to be signed before the actual nuptials taking place. There is no definite format for the prenuptial agreement and the term may vary depending on the circumstances of parties at that time. At the time both parties are advised to get legal representation to clearly spell out the significance of the term. It should be taken seriously and an expert lawyer should be appointed to ensure a prenuptial agreement is fair.

Post-nuptial agreement tends to be the difficult part to enforce in the court. If the marriage is in trouble or going through an attempt to reconcile a postnuptial marital agreement may be entered to outline what will happen in the event of divorce. So the expertise of reputed lawyers for handling such matters should be appointed.

Spouse Maintenance

This is uncommon in Texas and is possible in very limited circumstances where a marriage of over 10 years duration ends in divorce or in other cases another party was guilty of the judgment of domestic violence within 2 years of the divorce. In such cases spousal maintenance is possible and an experienced attorney is required to advise their client and also accompany and represent them during hearings.

Child Relocation

Child relocation can be very complicated if the conservator is relocating away from a place where a non-custodial parent can no longer exercise their visitation and parental rights. Legal representation is important in either case or a very competent and brilliant knowledge lawyer firm needs to be appointed. In any event, it is the requirement of the parents who are moving to return to court to apply for the relocation amendment. The judge may or may not grant such a request. Also, the judge may do so after adding cost to be borne by the relocating parent because of the additional expense of maintaining a parental relationship with the child.

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In most of the cases, you need a very efficient and understanding family law attorney in Burleson TX, so that they can handle the delicate issue properly with delicacy and proper knowledge.

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As every parent and child differs, so are the circumstances under which adoption of the child is done. A family law attorney must be equipped to customize various circumstances to the adoption laws. It is very important for the biological parents and agency to understand the consequence of adoption when a parental right is a concerned and post-adoption contact.


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